Testing Laboratories

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Parabolic Springs, Multi Leaf Springs, Leaf Springs, and Automobile Springs & Spring Assemblies for Heavy / Light commercial vehicles to OEM’s, dealers and distributors across the globe.

At the raw material stage, we check for decarburization, inclusion rating and micro hardness. Spot checks of the product through gauge-control and pre-dispatch inspection (DPI) on the finished product ensure we meet quality standards. National and International Standards are complied with by ensuring close dimensional tolerances using special instruments like gauges and test rigs.

Quality measurement and test processes include hardness testing, statistical process control, fatigue testing, magnetic particle inspection, metallurgic analysis, load testing, custom inspection gauges and fixtures, destructive testing, and other inspection and testing methods.

We are geared for state-of-the-art production of formed, forged, upset, threaded, or heat-treated parts. We start from our client’s requirement and completely develop the special product they need using our extensive in-house capabilities.