Message from Managing Director


The strength of any enterprise lies in its ability to produce quality products with efficiency. To delivery to its customer’s consistent quality at the right price while keeping its profit margins secure. The present structure of Auto Pins India Limited ensures just this

The challenge of the new decade is to keep abreast with emerging and ever-changing technologies and at the same time, create a niche for growth and be flexible in one’s approach.

APIL has, over the years has been supplying to all the important overseas market and  has developed springs of various types, including heavy duty truck springs, as well as the parabolic arms for air suspensions.

I am happy to announce that APIL is the first parabolic suspension spring company in India to have received the TS certification .Working on IATF at present

I also take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their longstanding association with us. The value and importance of every customer is deeply entrenched in the psyche and heart of APIL.

In an era where global boundaries are blurred with each passing day, Auto Pins has made its presence felt in the automobile component industry.

A transition from a company manufacturing Leaf Springs for a wide range of Heavy Commercial Vehicles to the one that is designing and developing products for new vehicles, Auto Pins has traversed distance par excellence. Another reason that has been instrumental in Auto Pins’ success is the expertise of the team in making in-roads to markets in developed countries.

At the root of all this development and the challenges that are accepted, it is the essence of true quality, timely development and successful implementation, which has and will enable the company to scale further heights.